We offer the following products:

Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis
Our bestseller- the Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis, or Health Check, where we take a snapshot of the state of your current operational efficiency and, through dialogue and agreement, establish where you can be 12-24 months later. Highly (cost-)effective, with ideas starting to flow immediately, and really the best investment a cost-serious airline can make in self-reflection.

Fuel Efficiency Program Implementation
Here we up the ante and (help you) roll out a full-blown Fuel Efficiency Program over the course of 6-9 months. Such a project will see a number of on-site visits by various SME consultants, with continuous off-site support tailored as required. A magnitude more expensive than the Health Check but well worth the investment with an ROI measured in months.
This program can very well be combined with the gap analysis, and rolled into a single project to keep momentum going.

Operational data tracking, monitoring and analysis
Our newest offering, where we take standard operational data from you and look for improvement potential, both in the quantity and quality of the data, as well as the information hidden within. Monthly reporting, set KPIs, at a fraction of the cost you are usually quoted. And with no need for FDM data, what’s not to like?

Fuel Efficiency Training
Best-in-class training in the principles of FE management and its underlying knowledge base. Your staff will spend a week with us and will receive a wide range of background and ideas to be able to succeed in their chosen tasking. Simple tools to help them get started in the airline, or more advanced tools if the situation calls for it. A great investment in your staff, and a great deal too!

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