FltOpsWorkz helps airlines save many, many millions by optimising operational efficiency. Millions, which are often unconsciously wasted. That, and helping to avoid many, many tonnes of unnecessary emissions too.

We do this through strategic and tactical consulting support to airlines across the flight operations field, from pre-planning to post-execution and across all relevant areas touching the operation in any way; processes, procedures, staf(fing), practices, culture, tools, all through a fit-for-purpose lens.
Gap analyses, health checks, guidance, coaching, training.

Why? Challenging times require razor focus on cost. Cost is best controlled through preventing waste, spending less. And in this, the often observed absence of robust and continuously evaluated operational efficiency programs is an oddity; an eyesore for sure.
Without objective benchmarking, an organisation will not truly understand how well (or not) such programs are performing, and which opportunities may not be understood or pursued.
A gap analysis or health check of all facets of an efficiency drive is a business necessity which is all too often not entertained.

A background rooted in IATA’s Green Teams and working full-time in FE management roles has led to thought leadership in fuel & operational efficiency, where we take a broad view in proposing solutions to airlines ranging from efficiency and cost control to network and fleet evaluation issues, both operational and commercial.

We’ve set up partnerships with other aviation experts and companies whom we feel add significant value in related fields, in order to be able to offer a wider, related scope of services in a professional networking environment.

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