FltOpsWorkz offers a range of services in support of airline operations efficiency. Our main focus is fuel efficiency, and saving cost. Millions.

We do this by providing efficiency health checks and efficiency program support for airlines with a Fuel Efficiency Program, or we can help set up such a program. We can also provide (part-time) strategic and tactical (project) support to airlines and operators who do not have, cannot afford to or do not feel the need for a full-time, senior Operational Efficiency Director;

A background rooted in IATA’s Green Teams and working full-time in FE management roles has led to thought leadership in fuel & operational efficiency, where we take a broad view in proposing solutions to airlines ranging from efficiency and cost control to network and fleet evaluation issues, both operational and commercial.
We’ve set up partnerships with other aviation experts and companies whom we feel add significant value in related fields, in order to be able to offer a wider, related scope of services in a professional networking environment.

Interested to learn more, to work or partner with us? Please drop a line in a first step towards better operational efficiency, and more!